Here Comes The Neighborhood: Street Art & Graffiti RAISES Property Values In Miami


Yes! You heard that correctly. The Value of real estate in Miami’s Wynwood District is rapidly rising, due largely impart to the art on the walls. Street Art. Graffiti. The Best Street artists and Graffiti writers from around the world have turned what was once a crime ridden industrial district with old warehouses into a revitalized arts/entertainment community. These so-called Vandals have transformed Wynwood into the world’s largest outdoor Museum, creating jobs and increased property values along the way. Hmmm Imagine that.




HCTN TRAILER from Here Comes the Neighborhood on Vimeo.

Check out the best in the world, as they make art history in Miami:


Out and About in Wynwood


Its going on in Miami, the streets, the clubs, everything and everybody is BUzzzzing ART! ME? I’ve been busy trying to do me…All by myself (with a little help from my friends Mike and Gavi). So, it’s really been hard to find time to get out and actually SEE Art Basel. I’ve been busy trying to BE ART BASEL.

Then I came down with this awful cold. SNEEZE, weeze, drip, Cough… actually NOBODY GIVES A F#%K!
So let me show you a bit of what I’m seeing…ENJOY!




Cool, and If I feel better, hmmm maybe I’ll get out and about and play in the streets too! :-) ahhh Nobody Gives A F#%K!

Book Smart





While in Miami I stopped by NOW Contemporary Art and check out Feberico Uribe’s exhibit “Once Upon a Time.” He uses books to create unique sculptures. Brilliant ish.

EXCLUSIVE!! New Miami Restaurant Features Street Art


Tony, Tony, Tony. Yes. Tony Goldman has done it again. (okay He’s about to. The Restaurant opens during Art Basel)


Tony Goldman and his company Goldman Properties is helping to transform the former Wynwood warehouse district, into the Wynwood Art’s district in Miami.  His new Restaurant, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, is rumored to feature a decor with contributions from Street Artist Shepard Fairey and others.

Rumors? Rumors? Come on, you already know. NOBODY is everywhere. And so during a recent visit to Miami, I decided to give my peeps an exclusive. Not only is the Interior off the meter, but peep the Wynwood Walls.